It's Morphin Time!


Or at least it will be in March of 2017.   The popular 1990's children's show is set to get a complete reboot, in the form of a new movie that will be coming out early next year.   If you were a kid in the 1990's its safe to say that you know who the Powers Rangers are. 
For those who don't, they we're a group of regular high schoolers who just happened to fight aliens in their spare time.  The group wore special suits that allowed them to fight off enemies and defend their city.  The show could be, for lack of a better word, corny at times, but nonetheless captured the imagination of many kids throughout the world.  As a child, this was one of my favorite shows to watch growing up.   While the movie reboot supposedly won't have any former cast members, it will still  have some pretty big name actors joining the force.  Bryan Cranston will be playing the all-mighty Zordon, the alien from which whom the Power Rangers were granted powers and the ability to morph into super heroes.   The Power Rangers arch nemesis, Rita Repulsa, will also be played by a well-known actress.  Elizabeth Banks will be trying to take down the Rangers and conquer earth as the antagonist, Repulsa.  IT doesn't stop there though, as the hilarious Bill Hader will be playing Alpha 5, the robot assistant of Zordon.   Remakes can be really good or really bad, there is almost always no in-between.  Remakes of my childhood favorites in the past have got me excited, and some have actually been pretty good.  Others however just couldn't capture that nostalgic feeling you get when watching shows you used to watch as a child.  For some reason, however, even before seeing any kind of trailer for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that feeling comes back to me.  I am actually looking forward to this one, and I am hoping it doesn't let me down.



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